Breakfast: 1/2 Donut (120 cal). Not my proudest moment, but the donut was free and normally I skip breakfast entirely, which also isn’t good.

Lunch: My coworker and I were going to go to Red Robin (which we do from time to time) but at the last minute changed our minds and went somewhere else. Still, I looked up some of my typical meals there and discovered that  the Bruchetta Chicken Burger  is 832 cal and the fries are 434 cal! Geez. (Still better than the garlic Parmesan fries that come with it, which are more like 600 cal alone!) If I get a fruit or veggie side, or get a side salad, it helps a lot. (Side salad with balsamic vinagarette dressing: 177 cal). The turkey burger is a bit better too, more like 600 cal, so next time I go I may get that instead.

But what I actually ate for Lunch: a turkey reuben with a pickle, baked lays, and a diet coke. Whole thing was about 850 cal in all.

Dessert: 3 pieces of mini candy which likely add up to about 120 cal in all. Frankly, this is much more satisfying for me than half a donut. I don’t really even like donuts, except classic chocolate (which the one this morning wasn’t, it was an apple spice). Still questioning why I ate it.

Dinner: SUSHI! NOMMMM. I had a roll with crab, avacado, and probably a little mayo, and a roll with avacado, crab, and shrimp tempura. Looking at calorie counter sites, I’m estimating that the whole thing was probably about 900 cal. Eek. And here I thought sushi was good for you! It’s mostly the mayo and the tempura that’s doing me in here, because an avocado roll alone is only 140 cal.

Exercise: Mild

Total cal intake: 1990 cal. Amazing how it all adds up. :-/

Overall thoughts.  My guess is that the weight gain came generally from 1) non-diet sodas which I consumed pretty regularly until about a month ago, and 2) my newfound love of fries, which we can see from the Red Robin analysis are pretty awful for you. From now on, fries are a treat, not a default. Also, I need to start eating out less.

Tomorrow I’m going to weigh myself. Who knows, perhaps I lost a little weight since my doctor weighed me over a month or two ago. That would be nice…

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