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Breakfast/Lunch: Panera Vegitable Pesto Soup in a breadbowl, turkey sandwich on sourdough plus cheddar cheese, 1/2 cookie

Dinner: Breakfast burrito! Scrambled some eggs (with a few egg whites added), added green peppers, turkey sausage, black beans, potatoes, and a bit of cheddar cheese to a whole wheat tortilla. Yumm, and pretty healthy too! Still hungry afterwards, so I had two pieces of honey wheat toast with pumpkin butter.

Exercise: none (unless you count walking back and forth between work buildings twice today)

Again, didn’t count calories, but I think I did pretty well today. The soup is one of the low fat kinds, and I got a regular sandwich instead of one of the greasy/creamy paninis. The breakfast burrito I based somewhat off of this recipe, so I have about 12 more in the freezer. I bought avocados to put in as well but by the time I got to them I was tired, plus I felt like the burritos had enough to be going on with. I used about 12 eggs (plus 3 egg whites), so each burrito only has one egg or so, plus black beans, a bit of turkey sausage (about half a link per burrito), a bit of potato, green peppers, and a touch of cheddar cheese.

Maybe I’ll actually start eating breakfast for real again. 🙂

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