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So… good news for me! According to my home scale, I weigh 136 lbs. It’s still a good 15-20 lbs above where I’d like to be, ideally, but it’s also 10 lbs less than what the doctor weighed me in at.

Possible reason: Before I went to the doctor, I was drinking lots of non diet soda… probably 2-3 per day. After I went to the doctor, I tried to drink more water and switch as much as possible to diet sodas. It’s been a few months since then. Could a switch that minor have had that big an effect? I have no idea. It’s also possible that the scales are calibrated differently, but a friend of mine who I see rarely told me that she thought I’d lost some weight since then.

Food for thought! Well, not literally. 🙂

Ok, time for a bit of exercise. What to do?

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